Outlander, the famous TV Show based on the best-selling book from Diana Gabaldon, is coming back for a new season on Starz, with a new landscape… (#spoilers)

Indeed, a few month ago, we left our characters, Claire and Jamie, in a terrible situation. No choice for them but to leave Scotland’s marvelous landscapes for France. Goodbye Inverness, welcome France! New costumes, new environment and new characters will be revealed to us. Not mentioning Claire pregnancy announced since the end of season 1.

The serie does not stop there. Remember, our time traveler knows the future and so the outcome of the battle between England and Scotland during the Jacobite rising, the Jacobite wanting the House of Stuart back to the throne of England.

We are still in the past, around 1744, and the Jacobite rebellion being imminent brings Jamie closer and closer to his fateful hour. Jamie being a member of the Jacobite does not make things easier for our heroine. By a unwavering determination to keep her husband safe, Claire Fraser with the help of Jared (Jamie’s cousin) will insert herself into the french high society, making, at the same time, new allies and enemies.

The premiere is supposed to be released on April 9. Come on guys, only 6 days left and the first episode will be all yours. Meanwhile, here is the trailer:


The New York Post

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