Does this face remind you someone? No..? Really? Good news, me neither.

According to media, this pretty girl seems to be Justin Bieber‘s new cruch. A couple of weeks ago, Justin Bieber discovered her on Instagram, asking then his fan to find her. By sharing this picture to his 47 millions followers, he could only inflamed the network. In less than a few minutes, the mysterious lass was found!

Her name is Cindy Kimberly, a.k.a Wolfiecindy, a spanish student of 17 years old.

On an interview accorded to Vanitatis, she explains how being discovered by Justin Bieber changed her life (or not): “My life is quite normal, I am a student, and I would like to do Fine arts in the futur. It is not true that I worked as a babysitter like it has been said, except for one occasion it was for a family friends”.

Like she said, before having this marvellous encounter, this dolly girl had a pretty normal life. According to the DailyMail, who found her CV resume from when she was 16, she worked for less than 5£ per hour as a babysitter. Now under the spotlight, she received many offers to join the fashion world as a model. In reponse to those proposals, she announced: “I am focused on the work I had commited before in the fashion world and my studies”.

Currently, she has more than 790 000 followers on instagram and… Cibeles fashion show to prepare! Don’t worry Justin Bieber’s fan, like the French expression says, “the wheel turns”…


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